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Do you want to know my top secrets for running a business more efficiently?

Go on then, grab a cuppa and have a read below.⤵️

Canva – Use this to create and design engaging artwork for your business. There is a free option or you can pay for the Pro version. There are literally a million things you can do to market your business in a high profile way using this platform. Create branded Instagram posts, stories, business cards and documents - the list is endless and it is great fun to use. I’ve just created a potty training poster too (Oh the joy!).

Toggl – This is an excellent time tracking tool. It works wonders if you have multiple clients. It is easy to use and a weekly report can be generated to help you with your invoicing.

Planoly – Imagine if you didn’t have to be creative every day. Manage, plan and schedule your Instagram posts. This platform is amazing. You can see what your grid looks like before your audience does, plan and add your hashtags, create stories and review your analytics. You can see which post was the most engaging, and there is a free version too, whoop whoop!

LastPass – Store all of your passwords in one place securely. You can use this for both work and personal use. No more head scratching, trying to remember them all or having to remember the safe place that you had written them.

Instagram – My favourite!!! You can use this personally and professionally creating a visual board.

For personal use - Create memories and look back on how far you have come (this time next year),

Professionally - Show everyone what your business is about, use it as a tool for selling you and your service and use it as a way of networking. The more you engage the more your profile will be seen.

HelloSign – Creating an E-Signature. Use this for your contracts and signed documentation. It is easy to use and the documents can be downloaded to your files.

Grammarly – It is easy to make mistakes typing, don’t always assume that these apps will get everything right though. However this is a great tool to check punctuation, spelling and repeated words. There is a free version which is helpful but the paid version will be able to support you so much more.

MailChimp – An excellent marketing tool. Utilise your lead magnet by creating a landing page, design email campaigns and create automated emails to generate a sales funnel. There are so many templates to help you along the way. There is a free version too and it is fun to use – there is a lot of online support available to help you along the way.

Asana – A project management tool - It helps teams to manage projects, keep focussed, it tracks progress, you can assign work and create deadlines. It is so much easier than trailing through emails all of the time and it works well when dealing with multiple clients.

Dubsado – A great CRM tool, it helps to keep all of your work in one place, you can schedule appointments, create workflow automation, it presents excellent customer service to your clients, you can create business processes and run your business more efficiently.

🤔 What online tools do you use to help you work more efficiently? ⬇️

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